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What we believe...

Our Mission

North Valley Baptist Church exists to glorify God as we Connect, Grow and Serve Jesus our Lord and Savior.

Our Vision

The vision of North Valley Baptist Church is to live obediently for Jesus as we connect with our church family and community, as we grow in our faith, and as we serve others. We envision our church becoming a vibrant beacon of light in our community, in our state, in our nation and in our world.

Our Values

We value obedience to Christ as we encourage both personal and corporate worship, bible reading, meditation, fasting and prayer. We encourage each member to "keep in step with the Spirit" as we fellowship in genuine relationships and give sacrificially of our time and resources.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to obediently implement both the Great Commandments and the Great Commission of Jesus.

I.  The Great Commandment. (Matthew 22:37-40) -

  • We strive to connect with God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength. 

  • We encourage daily practice of spiritual disciplines to stay connected to the vine, to grow in our understanding of who Jesus is and what he desires in our life and we seek to serve both our church family and the community.

II. The Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-29)

  • We strive to be on mission with God as we seek to make disciples of Jesus and teach them to obey his word.

  • As we connect people with saving faith, we help them grow in their understanding of the bible, we encourage and equip them with missional opportunities to serve in the church, in the community and beyond. 


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