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What we believe...


Our Purpose


To glorify Christ by winning the lost and developing the saved.


Our Vision Statement


North Valley Baptist Church exists to connect people with Jesus, grow them in faith and equip them to serve.


Our Values


  • We will serve God with INTEGRITY.

  • We will strive for EXCELLENCE in all we do.

  • We will practice OBEDIENCE to Christ.

  • We will walk in FAITH.

  • We will make God's LOVE the foundation for all we do.


Our Mission


Our mission at North Valley Baptist Church is two fold...


Our mission is to be obedient to the Great Commandment and the Great Commission


I.  The Great Commandment. (Matthew 22:37-40)


              We at North Valley Baptist Church strive to love God with all of our

              heart, soul, and mind. It is only as we seek to love God as He

              commanded us, that we can fulfill His calling upon our lives. This                   love provides us with the proper motivation to worship God and

              serve other in the manner He would have us to.


II. The Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-29)


              We believe that a good Mission Statement is rooted in the Great

              Commission. In His Great Commission our Lord Jesus clearly            

              stated that the mission of His church is to make disciples. Our

              mission statement is: "North Valley Baptist Church exists to,

              connect people with Jesus, grow them in faith, and equip them

              to serve." Winning and baptizing the lost is getting people

              connected to Jesus which is the first step in making disciples. As

              we teach them to obey the Lord's commands, we are growing

              them in faith and equipping them to serve. These are the second

              and third steps in making disciples.